Welcome to my digital gallery!

This page is a collection of my digital drawings and designs; some are from client work, but many are just fanciful ideas, illustrations of places and landmarks I like, and triumphant little vignettes of shape and colour. When I design, I create from a place of great intentionality where every element is something of an icon, stacked on other related icons. I like to keep my designs uncomplicated and accessible by allowing the interplay of form and hue to take the lead. From abstract pieces to fantasy art to simple, illustrated portraits and lettered messages, my art tends toward the vibrant, the dynamic, and the imaginative.

My passion for digital art has translated into some new and interesting avenues for expression lately, including logo design and branding, which has led to packaging design, and illustrating for merch and printed signage of every kind.

Do you have a design or illustration project in mind that I could help with?

Please get in touch and let’s discuss!

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