Custom mural art and digital art by Leslie Phelan Vancouver

Leslie Phelan is a Vancouver-based artist specializing in hand-painted large-scale murals that tend to feature generally uncomplicated yet boldly drawn illustrations, often blended with detailed and punchy lettering work. Her artistic style reflects the world as she sees it: as an epic tableau of shape, colour, and symbolism featuring the sights and characters of modern life, woven through the myths and paradigms belonging to the the common culture of the human mind.

The artistic m.o. behind the launch of Leslie Phelan Mural Art + Design is the innate desire to capture and play with a notion, a moment, a movement, or a brand, and, injecting elements of both the supernatural and the naturally extraordinary, create an instantly iconic reflection in both monochromatic and vivid colour palettes, to suit any space or vision.


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