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Custom mural art and digital art by Leslie Phelan Vancouver

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I’m a Vancouver-based artist specializing in large-scale, hand-painted murals that tend to feature generally uncomplicated yet boldly drawn illustrations, often blended with punchy lettering work. My artistic style reflects the world as I see it: as a vibrant, ever-shifting tableau of shape and colour.

The artistic m.o. behind the launch of Leslie Phelan Mural Art + Design is simply this: my innate drive and desire to create public-facing art that captures an inspiring visual notion, and, injecting elements of both the supernatural and the naturally extraordinary, creates an instant local classic with the power to visually carve out a whole new dimension from any wall space. My murals create a landmark where there was only a wall before.

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My chosen vocation was always to write, whether in spinning stories,  examining life with an honest heart, or upon any of the shades of storytelling that exist between the two.  I hold a degree in Journalism, but I never went on to write the news. Instead, I parlayed the skills acquired towards a career in freelance content and copywriting for brands and products from around the world, and continue to pour them generously into the books I write. Using words is my favourite way to paint a picture.

On the other hand, it’s always been that when I can’t seem to write with any measure of flow, I turn to art. If I can’t write it, I paint it; or, I paint something totally different, exploring all of the shapes, patterns, and colours I’m drawn to, employing reckless abandon and maintaining unwavering faith that there’s always beauty to be found, even if it’s deep inside the wreckage. My career creating custom artwork was a happy accident stirred up by a string of word-of-mouth mural art referrals and a handful of chance meetings that I’ll always feel lucky about – manifestations of a desire I’d been cultivating, to spend more of my life using my hands to create beautiful things. I use acrylic paint, paint markers, and/or chalk; whatever the space, the message, and the occasion call for. I’ve created artwork and signage for and on the walls inside of businesses, corporate offices, residential homes, and event spaces alike.


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